Why Work With a Community Foundation?


If you're a professional advisor, partnering with us can provide you with extensive offerings for your high-net worth clients.

Do you have clients who want to give back to their local community but don’t know where to start? If so, you’re not alone. In Sussex alone, there are around 6,000 charities, and that is excluding the ever-growing number of community groups and CICs. It can be difficult for individuals to find the organisations that are the most effective at helping the local community.

Working with your local community foundation might simplify this process and fulfil your client’s wishes, whilst addressing causes close to their heart.

At Sussex Community Foundation we handle over 1,000 grant applications every year. With an extensive reach across Sussex, we have the data to see which charities are most effective and which areas need the most support. No matter what cause is important to your client, we are able to channel their funds to the right people to maximise their impact.

“The Foundation do a fantastic job, identifying, analysing and selecting local projects for us to support. There is no way we would be able to do this on our own.” – Barnaby and Cass Wiener of the Fangorn Fund.

Our expert team can give you personalised philanthropy support for your clients. 

They can work with you, and if appropriate your client, to answer any questions that might arise and to simplify the giving process. This meticulous process helps to align your client’s values with their localised giving, ensuring that their money has the intended impact they are looking for.

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