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Why Sussex?

Tackling Poverty

Part of the Sussex Uncovered Series

In November 2023 we launched the new Tackling Poverty report, part of the Sussex Uncovered Series. 

As part of our new five-year strategy, we have identified four funding priorities: Tackling Poverty, Improving Health, Reaching Potential and Acting on Climate. The Tackling Poverty report, the first of a series of Sussex Uncovered Reports on these funding priorities, will focus on poverty and disadvantage in Sussex. We will use what we learn to focus our impact on those areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference. 

Download the full report here or click on the image.

Aerial picture of Sussex

We have also produced an Executive Summary which focuses on the key challenges and highlights some of the crucial stats.
You can read the Executive Summary HERE.


We recently heard from three local community groups supported by Sussex Community Foundation about the current cost of living situation in Sussex.
View the film HERE.



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