Sussex welcomes Ukrainian Refugees


Sussex has welcomed significant numbers of Ukrainian refugees this year and Sussex Community Foundation is pleased to be working with the Freemasons’ charity to support their integration into local communities.

The Foundation is working with local groups across Sussex from Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton through to East Grinstead, Adur, Horsham and Worthing. These groups provide support for refugees arriving from Ukraine and their immediate needs through providing information, guidance, English lessons and translation facilities, IT equipment in connection with employment and SIM cards as well as liaising with the local authorities over issues such as housing and benefits. 

“We are so pleased to be able to distribute funds to local organisations who are doing so much to welcome Ukrainians into their communities. It is the small, grassroots charities and groups that know their local areas who are best able to listen to new arrivals and help them find the resources and support that they need.”

Kevin Richmond, CEO Sussex Community Foundation

The funding will contribute to the direct delivery of services for Ukrainian refugees, whilst keenly aware of the need to address issues of isolation and loneliness amongst those they are helping. This includes a range of creative therapeutic groups which have been key to helping the refugees make friends when they first arrive, work through some of their emotions and reactions to their journeys and feel more settled in the community.

“I said that you inspire and give us, Ukrainians, faith. Faith in people and faith in the future, which was taken away from us. Because without faith, one gives up, and we cannot give up, because we have a lot of work to do”

From one of the beneficiaries

A man and woman in traditional Ukrainian dress

Being Neighbourly, East Grinstead

“The funds awarded by Sussex Community Foundation are a lifeline for our Ukrainian guests linked with Being Neighbourly and the Oasis Cafe. Thirty-seven students will now be able to complete their English course and be entered for an exam to obtain a qualification. This considerably enhances their capacity to work in the UK and supports integration in their new communities”.

Fiona Haywood, Chair of Being Neighbourly East Grinstead


Photo of His Place cooking session with a roup of children making pizzas.

His Place, Hastings

“We are so very grateful to the Freemasons Charity for enabling us to continue with our work and develop our projects. The young people were so excited when we discussed ideas and plans. Thank you so much.”

Dr Sarah Milne, ‘Art Space’ at His Place. Hastings

“I am delighted that we have been able to offer significant aid to many Ukrainians who have arrived in this country. They have abandoned everything in a country grappling with the consequences of a catastrophic conflict, and I am proud that the assistance provided by the Freemasons is making such a difference.”

Les Hutchinson, Chief Executive of the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the Freemasons’ charity,


Find out more about the Freemasons’ Charity here

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