Sussex Charities Fair 2018

The first Sussex Charities Fair, hosted by Sussex Community Foundation and Mr Anthony Bolton, took place at Goodwood House, Chichester on Saturday 13th October 2018.

It brought together 27 Sussex charities and community groups with potential donors. Over 140 guests had the opportunity to speak to representatives and service-users from the exhibiting groups. The event brochure is available to view here and includes details of exhibitors and biographies of the speakers.

Sussex Charities Fair gave guests the opportunity to see that investing in smaller local charities through a community foundation makes sustainable economic sense for those keen to maximise their charitable giving and to see and understand the impact of their investment.

Speakers included Kevin Richmond (CEO of Sussex Community Foundation), Keith Hollis (Chair of Sussex Community Foundation), Caroline Greenhalgh (academic and philanthropy expert), William Shawcross ( ex-chairman of the Charity Commission), Alex Spofforth (chartered accountant, Spofforths Partners Limited) and Monica Brown (Charities Aid Foundation).

Caroline Greenhalgh‘s presentation, part of the Investing in Good session, entitled ‘Seeing is Believing: Philanthropy and Evidence’, is available below.

Monica Brown‘s presentation, entitled Size Matters, is also available below.

You can see more at the event website here

Event organisers were McCullough Moore Event Management

You can see a selection of event pictures on our Instagram account here.


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