This is a picture of Goodwood House Chichester

Join us for the first Sussex Charities Fair

The first Sussex Charities Fair, hosted by Sussex Community Foundation and Mr Anthony Bolton, will take place at Goodwood House on Saturday 13th October 2018.

It will be an ‘investors fair’ for Sussex charities, bringing together 20 -30 Sussex charities and community groups with potential donors. Guests are welcome to drop-in or stay all day.

Sussex Charities Fair will show how investing in smaller local charities through a community foundation makes sustainable economic sense, directed at an audience that know about maximising their charitable giving and want to understand and see the impact of their investment.

Guests will include donors and potential donors, professional advisors, and a wide selection of charities, community groups and intermediaries.

There will be Q&A sessions, morning and afternoon, on investing in good, charity governance, and why small is perfect. Refreshments and lunch will be served.

To book as a guest to attend this free event, visit the event website here


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