Promoting your work

We love to talk about the amazing work you do! This may be via our website, newsletters or social media.

In our recent Grant Perception Survey almost 80% of you told us you find it helpful when we promote your organisation and activities.

To make sure we can do this in the best way possible, read our ‘top tips’ for sending us your photographs and case studies below.

Guidance for sharing photographs.

Our photography style heroes the people who work with us.

Infographic saying: A guide for our partners
when sharing images, the following guidance can help.

Please supply images in the highest quality (usually biggest file size) possible.
Look for images that are shot in natural light
Look for images that capture moments of connection and activity -- people doing things together
Avoid staged portraits if possible
Ensure you seek explicit permission from everyone shown in the images, especially if including volunteers or beneficiaries

Bringing your stories to life 

We are proud to share your stories with all our stakeholders, including our donors.

To bring what you do to life, a great case study will include:

  • Stories of real people’s experiences (anonymised as appropriate)
  • Photographs or videos
  • Quotes
  • Statistics of the difference made

How to send us your stories 

When your grant project is completed, you will be sent an online monitoring form from us. Please fill this in using the above information as guidance. There is an option to add photographs at the end or alternatively you can send them via email

If you would like us to promote your project before it has finished, email us now sharing your projects in action – thank you!

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