Brighton & Hove Legacy Fund

The Brighton & Hove Legacy Fund supports the personal and educational development of children and young people across Brighton & Hove.

Grants of up to £5,000 will be awarded to community groups and charities that support children and young people (up to age 25). A grant will be made to the Library Service to support and promote community engagement with libraries.

Community groups and voluntary organisations that support children and young people and deliver:  

  • Support children and young people to improve their educational attainment
  • Support young people to maximise their employability including developing entrepreneurship
  • Encourage participation by children and young people in positive activities that support physical and emotional health, social, learning or personal development
  • Support young people to volunteer & engage in community and social action
  • Support for children and young people who face barriers to achieving their full potential.

For more information, visit Our Grants page. 

Brighton & Hove Legacy Fund funded the Crew Club with a grant of £4,100 in 2021. The Crew Club provides a weekly programme of free positive activities for children, young people, families and adults living on the Whitehawk estate in Brighton. Funding was for their young people’s groups (aged 13 to 18) and the sessions were coordinated to increase young people’s feelings of social connectedness, increase the number of healthy relationships in the lives of young people, and improve young people’s understanding of a range of issues that affect them (such as healthy relationships, coping with conflict, social media use, and dealing with difficult emotions).

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