Community Basketball Initiative (CBI)

East Brighton CBI is a non profit basketball club created by basketball players, coaches, enthusiasts and members of the local community to promote basketball playing opportunities. We aim to offer playing and coaching opportunities to the local community and encourage everyone to get involved via taster sessions, events and courses. Our club’s officials are all qualified, DBS checked, insured, own a safeguarding certificate, 1st aid certificate and are motivated to give back to the local community. We partner with other basketball clubs to provide the most appropriate exit routes to our coaches and participants. We also work with Sport England and other to deliver community projects aimed at supporting the youth of the East Brighton community. This funding will develop new volunteers via a ‘leaders development programme’. The programme is designed to identify young candidates aged 16-20 years old from the community and offer 20 x Sport Leader style placement opportunities. Each candidate will have to volunteer in local community events organised by the Brighton CBI, local primary schools and the Manor Gym CIC.

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