Rampion Fund

The Rampion Fund is a community benefit fund set up by Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd and managed by Sussex Community Foundation.

The Fund supports organisations working for the benefit of the people of Sussex, with the area of benefit delineated below, from Littlehampton Harbour in the west, to Beachy Head in the east and up to the A272 near Twineham in the north close to the wind farm’s onshore substation. You can download a map of the whole community benefit fund area here.

Projects that benefit the broad community, in particular those with links to environment and ecology, climate change and energy, and improved community facilities, will be considered and priority will be given to projects which benefit disadvantaged people and communities.

Who can apply?

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The Fund is open to charities, community groups and not-for-profit organisations, operating within Area 1. Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available, with higher grants of up to £50,000 for larger capital projects.


Applications can be made to support any of the below criteria. For project examples and advice, please read the Rampion Fund guidance notes. If you want to talk through your project idea, please call our Grants Team on 01273 409440. 

  • Projects that encourage the sustainable use of resources and assist in tackling climate change
  • Projects that enhance awareness, understanding and active engagement in the special nature of the environment of Sussex e.g. The Living Coast, UNESCO world biosphere region
  • Projects with a focus on energy use, energy efficiency, ecology and marine safety
  • Renewable and sustainable energy initiatives for community facilities
  • Support for marine ecology, nature conservation and environmental improvements
  • Projects to build stronger communities and enhance people’s lives and well-being
  • Projects that enhance awareness and understanding of the special nature of the South Downs and marine environment
  • Improvements to community buildings and facilities for broad community benefit;
  • Increasing opportunities to take part in onshore and offshore sports and recreational pursuits
  • Increasing the value, experience and understanding of the natural and cultural heritage by both visitors and residents.

Within the Fund, there are ring-fenced amounts for two specific areas:

A further amount is also available to support sea-user organisations.

How to apply

Applications should be made on the Rampion application form. If you are interested in applying for a larger capital project of up to £50,000, please speak initially to our Grants team on 01273 409440.

Alternatively, for larger projects, you can also complete a Rampion Expression of Interest form . Please read the guidance before completing this form.  The Expression of Interest is only intended for larger project applications and is a way of gaining initial feedback from us before developing your project further.  It will need to be sufficiently detailed to allow us to assess your project idea. If your application fits with our criteria, we will invite you to apply to one of our main application deadlines.  The next closing dates for full applications are:

  • Friday 4th May 2018 (Round 1 2018-19)
  • Friday 14th September 2018 (Round 2 2018-19)
  • Friday 11th January 2019 (Round 3 2018-19)

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