Giving advice on funds for donors

Donor Advised Funds

One of the main options we offer donors is our Donor Advised Fund. This is a great way to get involved in local philanthropy, without the cost and hassle of setting up your own charity. Your fund is ring-fenced and makes grants to causes you care about. There are tax advantages, and we’ll provide personalised philanthropy advice. There are two main types:

  • A flow-through fund spends your donation as grants, usually within a year. You can start from £25,000 and a commitment to future giving. The typical contribution to the Foundation is 10% of each donation.
  • You can also consider an endowment fund, which is invested and grows for long-term benefit. You can start with a donation from £25,000 or £100,000 if you would like to be involved in selecting grants. The typical contribution to us is 3% of donations and 1.5% of the capital value per annum after one year.

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