Many of our supporters have been committed to Sussex for many years. And don’t want that commitment to end when they pass away.

Some people have a clear idea which causes they want to support in their will. Others may want to give back to their community but are unsure exactly which charities to support. They might be concerned whether a smaller local charity they want to support will still be operating in the longer term. Some people might be considering giving a larger sum and setting up their own charitable trust but have found that, for the amount they are planning to give, this option is relatively complicated and expensive.

We provide a uniquely flexible range of options for people interested in leaving a permanent legacy for their local community. Donations are typically invested as an endowment fund and the income distributed each year as grants, meaning that the gift provides long-lasting benefit for generations to come. We can accept gifts of shares, property or investments, as well as cash donations. Ways to leave a legacy through Sussex Community Foundation include:

Supporting Sussex Community Foundation.

Simply naming Sussex Community Foundation as the beneficiary in a will means that we have the flexibility to support a wide variety of important local causes and respond to changing needs over time.

You can download our information sheet ‘Giving in your will’ here:

Giving in your will

Supporting existing charities.

If a donor wishes to support a number of local charities, a gift can be left to Sussex Community Foundation with instructions to distribute the donation between them, perhaps over a period of years. If any of the charities closes down in the meantime, we will ensure that the gift is redirected to another organisation with similar aims.

Creating a Named Fund.

Larger gifts of, for example, £25,000 or more, can be used to establish a unique Named Fund at Sussex Community Foundation. This is invested and the income used to support the kind of causes specified. You can read more about named funds here.



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