At Sussex Community Foundation, we understand that many people want to leave a legacy to create something of real and lasting value.

Many of our supporters have been committed to Sussex for many years and don’t want that commitment to end when they pass away. It is a reminder that they cared deeply in their lifetime and also acknowledges an ambition to help to build a brighter future.

We understand that leaving a legacy needs a great deal of thought and consideration. First on the list of priorities will be family, friends and loved ones – and rightly so.


We provide a uniquely flexible range of options for people interested in leaving a permanent legacy for their local community. Some people have a clear idea which causes they want to support in their will. Others may want to give back to their community but are unsure exactly which charities to support. They might be concerned whether a smaller local charity will still be operating 30 years from now.

As well as monetary gifts, we can also accept gifts of shares, property or investments, as well as cash donations. 

Scale of impact

Since small beginnings in 2006, Sussex Community Foundation has helped to transform thousands of lives across Sussex.

Not with grand gestures but with small grants that underpin the work of hundreds of charities and small community groups and thousands of volunteers across West and East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. But there is still much to do.

Your legacy will play a crucial role on helping is to support Sussex people and communities for years to come.


Like you, we have thought about the future. We are building a permanent endowment fund that will be a source of sustainable funding for Sussex charities, far into the future.

Supporting causes

  • If you’ve ever passed a street homeless person in the Brighton Lanes and wondered how best to help, please consider leaving a legacy to Sussex.
  • If you’ve ever asked yourself how to look after that lonely older gentleman by Chichester Cathedral, please consider leaving a legacy to Sussex.
  • If you’ve ever worried about a frightened child and what you can do to make them feel safe, please consider leaving a legacy to Sussex.


Each gift in a will to a charity is entirely exempt from inheritance tax. In addition, the 40% inheritance tax rate also reduces to 36%, if at least 10% of an estate is donated to charity. We do recommend you seek advice from a professional adviser on any tax matters.

Supporting existing causes

If a donor wishes to support a number of local charities, a gift can be left to Sussex Community Foundation with instructions to distribute the donation between them, perhaps over a period of years. If any of the charities closes down in the meantime, we will ensure that the gift is redirected to another organisation with similar aims.

Creating a Donor Advised fund

Larger gifts of, for example, £25,000 or more, can be used to establish a unique named fund at Sussex Community Foundation. This is invested and the income used to support the kind of causes specified. You can read more about named funds here.

If you would like to have an informal chat about any of this then Kevin Richmond, our Chief Executive, would be delighted to talk to you. Call 01273 409440 or email Kevin Richmond.

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