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We work with professional advisers such as solicitors, accountants, wealth management and financial advisers to help their clients make the most of their local giving.

Sussex Community Foundation is the ideal vehicle for people who want to put something back into the communities in which they have lived and worked. By channelling funds to grassroots community projects the Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for people across Sussex with an emphasis on tackling disadvantage.

The main service we offer for donors is our Named Fund. This is a charitable fund which is tailored to the donor’s interests, and used to make grants to charities and community groups in Sussex. You can see examples of existing Named Funds here.

The Foundation also has a uniquely flexible range of options for people interested in leaving a legacy to their local community.

As well as individual donors, we also help charities and trusts to meet their aims, for example by helping to manage grant making, or taking on management of a trust if it is no longer viable.

“We have been impressed to hear about the role which community foundations play in helping people with a philanthropic interest in local giving. They provide a highly bespoke service, working with donors to help them identify their areas of interest and then putting together a plan for how this might be implemented with greatest impact in their local area.” Gary Rogerson, Heartwood


Our Professional Advisors’ Pack includes information sheets that may be useful for professional advisors, such as solicitors, wealth managers and accountants, on a number of areas of our work which their clients may find useful. You can download them here:

What is Sussex Community Foundation?

Setting up a named fund


Working with charities and trusts

Giving in your will

or call Stephen Chamberlain, Head of Philanthropy, on 01273 409440 or email here to be sent hard copies.


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