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Four Funding Priorities

Our four funding priorities help to bring clarity to the areas we support. Through them, we fund hundreds of charities and community groups across a range of causes, in communities all over Sussex. It’s all part of achieving our vision of a fairer, more equal Sussex.

Our four funding priorities:

Icon to represent Tackling povertyTackling poverty

Reducing poverty and disadvantage in our communities.

Too many people across Sussex can’t afford to meet their basic needs or take part in their communities. Many find themselves on the margins of society, left behind by a lack of services or support. This route reaches grassroots charities and community groups that are tackling poverty and disadvantage.

Our grants will help people who:

  • Are living in economic hardship and financial insecurity
  • Are experiencing unemployment and/or homelessness
  • Face barriers because of their age, disability, ethnic background, immigration status, sexuality or other protected characteristic.

By supporting organisations that:

  • Provide advice and information
  • Help with food and fuel poverty
  • Build social justice and racial equity
  • Support people with housing and homelessness
  • Support people experiencing domestic violence
  • Help to improve living standards

Icon to represent Improving HealthImproving health

Helping people live longer, better lives.

Our health and wellbeing are fundamental to our lives. But too many people across Sussex don’t get the support they need. This route addresses that gap, by supporting organisations that positively impact local people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our grants will help people who:

  • Have physical and mental health needs that aren’t being met
  • Would like to live healthier, more active lives
  • Have life-limiting conditions and disabilities

By supporting organisations that:

  • Offer counselling and other therapies
  • Work to reduce health inequality and improve life expectancy
  • Run health, wellbeing, sports or activity programmes
  • Support people with life-limiting conditions and disabilities
  • Improve dignity for older people
  • Help to address social isolation and loneliness

Icon to represent Reaching PotentialReaching potential

Providing life-changing skills, education and training.

There is so much untapped potential in Sussex, often among people who face real barriers to their progress. This route addresses that, by reaching and supporting local organisations that build people’s skills, confidence and opportunities.

Our grants will help people who:

  • Are leaving education or care without opportunities
  • Are facing barriers to their personal or career development
  • Have struggled in education due to circumstances or lack of support

By supporting organisations that:

  • Develop young people’s skills and confidence
  • Help people overcome barriers to work or education
  • Provide alternative ways for young people to learn
  • Help people grow and find opportunities through arts, cultural or creative activities
  • Offer skills, enterprise and training programmes to prepare people for a changing working world

Icon to represent ClimateActing on climate

Taking local action for the climate

The climate emergency is a global one. But the effects are local, and many of the solutions are too. This route helps us reach all those in our communities who are both affected by, and taking positive and proactive action on, the climate, nature and biodiversity.

Our grants will help people who:

  • Are affected by the climate emergency, loss of nature and biodiversity
  • Are taking action locally
  • Are engaging their local communities
  • Are building networks to grow their impact

By supporting organisations that:

  • Help with wildlife conservation and recovery
  • Help communities become greener and more biodiverse
  • Promote renewable energy and carbon reduction
  • Create community gardens and grow food
  • Provide environmental education and training
  • Promote reuse and recycling
  • Share knowledge and awareness of the climate emergency

Applying for funding 

The above are our four funding priorities for grant applications made via our general awards. On your application, you will be asked to pick just one of the headline priorities that best suits your activity. Don’t worry too much if your project covers more than one of these, just pick the one that is most relevant, as we will be reviewing the information submitted as part of our assessment process.

Find out how to apply here

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