Boltini Fund

The Boltini Fund at Sussex Community Foundation was formed in 2013 to support charities and community groups in West Sussex that address social disadvantage and the needs of disabled people and those with chronic illness, children and young people, and projects addressing homelessness.  

Emma Bolton of the Boltini Trust says:

“As a family, we have been very fortunate to experience many wonderful things in life. A few years ago, we decided that we would like to give something back to others less fortunate than ourselves. Therefore, we set up a family charitable trust  – the Boltini Trust.  The Trustees are six family members most of whom live in Midhurst, all with a variety of different interests including music, travelling and art.

One of the key aims of the Boltini Trust has been to support charities local to us in Sussex, allowing us to keep a close link with the people we choose to support.  This is where Sussex Community Foundation has provided invaluable help as they have contact with so many different charitable organisations that have been set up throughout Sussex and that are looking for support.  By using the extensive information and many links that the Foundation has forged with local charities, we have been able to target areas of need that are of particular interest to us. We would have overlooked many of these charities if the Foundation had not drawn them to our attention.

Aside from Sussex-based organisations, we do also support charities in Asia, Africa and other third world countries, as well as ones with whom we have a family or personal connection. Going forward, we do hope that we can continue to work with the Sussex Community Foundation for many years to come!”

Since it was established, the Fund has given two grants totalling £6,083, to:

Kangaroos that supports disabled young people and their families by providing appropriate services with the aid of trained staff and volunteers to increase their independence, self- confidence, social competence and inclusion within the community. The group received a grant of £3,083 to help pay for two coach trips for children and young people with learning disabilities and additional difficulties, to enjoy together with their siblings and parents during spring and summer 2014; and 

Raydar, a parent-run group for parents and carers of children with complex needs, health problems, disabilities, learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems. They received a grant of £3,000 to pay to run their daily carers information drop-ins, access to professional support and specialist equipment.

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