Uckfield VC

We’re deep into Volunteers Week 2018 and here is today’s shining example of a Sussex volunteer.

“Hello, my name is Stephen and I am a volunteer at the Uckfield Volunteer Centre. I am currently studying IT level 3 extended diploma at West Kent College in Tonbridge. This course has units that will help me with IT in all aspects. The units covered in my course are networking, website design, excel and basic programming. I have a lot of knowledge with IT. This includes phones and tablets. My Dad got me into IT at a very young age because he builds and fixes computers. I was fascinated by this and wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

“I am volunteering so that I can help anyone with their iPhone or iPad. You could ask about anything you would like, no matter how simple it might be. You may have got an iPad or iPhone for Christmas or a birthday and are sitting there not knowing what to do with it.  There are many questions that you can ask. For example, ‘how can I send an email?’, ‘how do I add an email account?’ or ‘how can I add apps and use them?’ These are some very common questions.”

Stephen is available by appointment on Wednesdays (10am-1pm) at the Uckfield Volunteer Centre  on 01825 760019. 

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