Off The Fence

Off The Fence helps people who are socially excluded in Brighton & Hove. The charity provides emergency outreach to people who are homeless, including a homeless day centre; a school programme for people aged 6-18 years; and a women’s centre supporting women in crisis.

Off The Fence reach around 30 people per night, who are given warm clothing, sleeping bags, hygiene products, food and drink.

Peter’s Story

Off The Fence shared Peter’s story with us, who attended the Off The Fence Big Sleep Out as a volunteer:

“Peter had been rough sleeping for eight years after a relationship break up. He had effectively been off grid for that period. After our first contact, it became clear that Peter has exceptional skills, including leadership and communication.

A couple of months after first meeting him in Jubilee Square, our Antifreeze team helped him with temporary accommodation and registering for benefits. He offered to help last Friday because he knew a number of the homeless clients in the area. He was able to help one person who had passed out in the middle of the site.

We exchange emails and see each other regularly. If he was in politics, he would be Minister for Homelessness!”

Peugot Van with Off The Fence branding on. Off The Fence received a grant last year towards the purchase of a Peugeot van to extend their Antifreeze project. This has enabled the team to provide a weekly session in Jubilee Square, meaning clients can seek support at a regular time each week.

To find out more about this organisation visitthe Off The Fence website here.