Lancing United FC

Lancing United FC is a community-based football club in Lancing, between Brighton and Worthing on the Sussex coast. The Churchill ward in Lancing where the Club is based is in the top 20% most deprived areas in England and in the top 10% in Sussex.

Sussex Community Foundation has just given the Club a grant of £4,850 from its Arthur & Doreen Green Fund to improve two areas of Croshaw recreation ground that will benefit the football club and the wider community.

Firstly, the Club will renovate the grassed areas at the site, as these are heavily used throughout the year and can easily become waterlogged and dangerous during the winter months for the young people playing sport and dog walkers. This work will include verti-draining the area, sanding them and re-seeding, then the installation of some new pathways and security fencing.

Over the years, the grassed areas at Croshaw Recreation ground has never been treated properly and, since obtaining a 25-year lease from the parish council, the Club has sought feedback and guidance from Club members and local residents on what they would like to see improved. The improved condition of the grassed areas and playing surfaces was seen as key, as it will ensure that the park can be used consistently, and stop training sessions and matches from having to be postponed.  It will also improve the overall look of the area and ensure that people living in this disadvantaged area are able to use the facilities more freely and easily. The installation of secure fencing will ensure that valuable kit and equipment can be stored away safely.

More about our donor Arthur Green here. Arthur is pictured here, between Karen Allam, our Chairman David Allam’s wife, and Sylvia Wright, at a recent donor dinner at Goodwood House.