Exploring Senses

Exploring Senses was formed by Brighton-based artists Hannah Coxeter and David Allistone to deliver a range of innovative, creative events to engage children and young people, help them learn new skills and perhaps build a future for themselves in the city’s thriving digital sector.

Participants at CommuniToy workshops re-use toys designed for landfill to make new hybrid creations – a psycho Barbie, perhaps or a spaced out Buzz Lightyear? Radical Robots workshops are a fun way for young people to learn some basic engineering skills, soldering and building electronic sensor circuits, programming a Raspberry Pi single board computer and then building and testing their robot through a robotic assault course.Codes 4 Kids is a workshop that teaches kids to program a basic computer and then use that to animate their robots or hacked toys.

“All of our work are opportunities for young people to find out their natural abilities, skills and interests, trying to get them to combine them together to have a career in the future. People who have arts and humanities degress are often the entrepreneurs of the future that are going to generate growth in places like Brighton and Hove and other super-fused cities,” says David. Brighton’s digital sector is worth £713 million and, along with the creative arts industry, is generating huge growth through innovation – hence the ‘super-fused’ tag.

Exploring Senses is very keen that young entrepreneurs and digital whizz-kids of the future don’t miss out because they come from the city’s lower-income or more deprived families where these kinds of opportunities are less forthcoming. A £4,000 grant from our Marit and Hans Rausing Fund will fund twenty free places to children and young people for selected Exploring Senses events during the Brighton Science Festival in February.