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Spring 2018

Spring in Sussex is a wonderful time, full of hope and new beginnings.

Our grants committee has just considered applications to our latest grants round, our largest ever. We have around £700,000 to award to the best applications. However, we received 278 applications requesting £2.1 million.

This month, I was honoured to join grant panels for the Rampion Fund and the Brighton & Hove Legacy Fund. The launch of these funds in the autumn attracted bids from 113 local groups which had never applied to us before. These two new funds are really good news and will help us to support the community for the very long term but they also highlight that we are only meeting a fraction of the need.

It is a very challenging time for charities and many have had to close their doors. Yet the most difficult times can bring out the greatest creativity. Local people are finding new ways to help their communities, for example, through CICs, social enterprises, community shares and crowd-funding. At the same time, philanthropists are thinking differently, believing that making money and doing good are not mutually exclusive. 

Our job at Sussex Community Foundation is to provide the funding that both sustains charities that are working well and nurtures these new ideas. By doing both, we can provide a solid foundation for our future community. It is vital work and has never been more important. I hope that this challenging time will become a new spring for our communities in Sussex.

Best wishes, Kevin Richmond, CEO

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