About us

Sussex Community Foundation is a registered charity that exists to make Sussex a fairer and more equal place. We do this by enabling local people to support local causes, making grants to small charities and voluntary groups working in communities across Sussex.

We use national and local data to focus our impact on four key funding priorities where we believe we can make the biggest difference.

Tackling poverty Reducing poverty and disadvantage in our communities

Improving health Helping people live longer, better lives

Reaching potential Providing life-changing skills, education and training

Acting on climate Taking local action for the climate

Through our philanthropy advice we help to match our supporters’ aims with the many small, effective local charities offering solutions to local issues.

Since 2006 we’ve raised £48 million, given grants of £30 million to over 3,020 organisations and £24 million is in endowment to provide for future generations across Sussex.

Neurokinex received a grant to provide online rehabilitation for people like Jasper during lockdown.