“I am delighted to announce today that, through the Sussex Crisis Fund, we have given £1,089,073 in grants to charities and community groups across Sussex in just ten weeks. This is about half the amount we normally give in a full year. We are so grateful to all our donors, the Sussex public, and to our trustees and staff. You have all pulled out all the stops to make this possible. We are reaching every corner of Sussex and supporting a vast range of local charities. What they all have in common is a deep commitment to help those people who are struggling most through the pandemic.

As time goes on, it is clear that the effects of this crisis will be with us for many months, if not years, to come. Some towns and communities are going to be badly affected by the economic impact of the crisis, and we will be there alongside them to help through. We are now planning the next phase of our work – to support communities to recover from the immediate crisis and meet their longer term changing needs.

We were one of the first funders to respond to the immediate crisis. Our challenge now is to be one of the best to help communities to come through in the long term. Thank you so much for all your support.

Sussex Crisis Fund news

Last week, we have made 30 grants totalling over £96,000 to groups. All our current grant-making is listed on the 360 Giving web platform here where you can see details of all the Sussex Crisis Fund grants we have given, a total of over £1 million so far. You can also view them on the map on our website here. We want our grants to reach every part of the county. The maps shows that we are doing well but, if you know of any charities helping people through the crisis that need funding, please do encourage them to apply to us.

Exeter Street Community Hall

One of the groups funded this week is the Exeter Street Community Hall in Brighton. The hall has seen a massive reduction in income as the hall has been closed for hire. However, they are hosting and offering volunteers to other groups, such as Time to Talk Befriending, that has been preparing and distributing meals for elderly and vulnerable people, Brighton & Hove sheltered housing residents and the Ambulance Service. Read more


This crisis has got many people thinking about reviewing their will or writing one for the first time. If this is you, please do think about leaving a legacy to Sussex Community Foundation: it is a great way to support the place that you love and the community that you live in.  Get in touch if you’d like to know more.


We plan to support the charities and community groups that need us through the Sussex Crisis Fund, for many more months and possibly years to come. 

Please donate as much or as little as you can afford here. Thank you.”

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