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Summer 2017

Introduction to Sussex Community Foundation Summer 2017 newsletter

2017 has got off to a flying start and last year we gave out over £1.9 million in grants to Sussex. But there is still a long way to go. We always receive many more worthy grant applications than we have the money to fund so we will be keeping focused on encouraging our network of community philanthropists to give more in the coming year, to benefit Sussex people.

One thing we know we want to do in 2017 is to ensure that the money our donors give us reaches the people and communities that really need it. With that in mind – and building on what we learned from our report Sussex Uncovered 2, we are planning a youth-focus to some of our work this year. Being a young person in 2017 is not plain-sailing and many youngsters, particularly those from more disadvantaged backgrounds, can fall at the first hurdle without the support of the community around them. Youth services are not a statutory duty of local authorities so this means they are bearing the brunt of the reductions in funding being made by councils.  We have already given out over £2.6 million in grants to groups supporting children and young people. However, against this back drop of huge cuts to the funding of youth services in the last few years, we have two new funds specifically targeting young people and so it makes sense for us to tie all this activity together.

Youth services and good youth work really do change lives. We hope our needs-based and proactive grant-making will target areas of community work that are in immediate need of support, working with others to develop solutions.

Kevin Richmond, Chief Executive


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